Any idea on how to implement printing from th...

Any idea on how to implement printing from the App on a mobile device to a printer that is connected to the device through Bluetooth?

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When you need to print something from the app, you need to do it through the workflow. Create a workflow and when you have received it, print it.

Hey, Can you please elaborate on how the workflow can be used here? Should I create a pdf of the file to be printed? Or can it be done without having to generate the pdf file?

I am working on an app where people on field need to print out receipts from a bluetooth connected handheld printer of the form they just filled.

Thank you.

You need to associate that printer with Google Cloud first. Then you need to create either a Zapier Zap or an IFTTT rule so that if an email is received in a designated account with a PDF attachment, it will print the attachment via your cloud associated printer. You can then create a worflow rule which will send the FORM data in PDF format to your designated email account.

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I am looking to do the same thing, warehouse mobile label printing. Any thoughts?

I found only a trick i shared with community before to print from App to your printer.

If you have and own printer with features to print by uniqueemail address assigned to your machine, then I think it is possible to achieve by following my post/thread.