Any iOS 14.4.2 users? Is your APP SHEET working?

Please let me know if you’re using iOS 14.4.2 and your app sheet is working.
I would like to know if this problem is only on my side or is anyone else experiencing this issue.


Mine is currently working. I had a similar issue last week but mine resolved itself somehow. It would appear that the issue has not been resolved for everyone yet though.

Mine gives a network error, but I’ve tried with different WiFi connections and mobile data. Still stuck with the same issue.

It stays on the sync page without any movement. Keeps syncing and opens a blank page and than carries on syncing again.

Are you using iOS 14.4.2?

Yes, same OS.

Watch email for contact from Support.

From what I infer from some internal communications about your problem, the issue may be due to the size of your data set, or perhaps you have one or more very large rows within the data set. Support will need access to your app, which they will request through your support ticket.

Awaiting still

Is your data set particularly large? Many rows? Many columns? Do any of you column values contain a lot of data?

I see you have exchanged messages with Support.

Hi Steve

Support has contacted me. Currently waiting for the engineers to have a look at it.

Kind regards

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