Any way to go straight to camera (i.e. avoid the "Select Photo Source" screen when adding an image (Android)?

Hi all,

Our use-case with photos is that we take a lot (10-30) per job and for “before” and “after” photos we only ever need to take photos, not upload them from our device.

Having the “Select Camera Source” menu is an inconvenient extra step. I see (from the Appsheet documentation below) that iOS has the option, but I haven’t found anything for Android.

Any ideas about how to go straight to camera?

Blockquote Capturing Images on Android Devices
Blockquote On Android devices, the user is prompted with the choice to take a new photo or use the camera roll.
Blockquote Capturing Images on iOS Devices
Blockquote On iOS devices, the camera is launched by default. To enable browsing of photos from the camera roll, do the following:
Blockquote 1. From the iOS home screen, click Settings to open the device Settings app.
Blockquote 2. Scroll to and click AppSheet . It will be present if you have AppSheet installed on your iOS device.
Blockquote 3. Under Camera , set Prompt for Camera Roll to On .

That’s likely more of an operating system on the phone thing, than an Appsheet thing.

You could try turning off this option:


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