Any way to test different dates of "today()" to see if expression works?

I need to test sample dates throughout the year to see if my expression with a lot of today() elements works as expected. Any idea on how to test this?

Could you update if you have several expressions involving TODAY() and where these are used?

I have a scratch pad “app” or table which I use with the expression eval “Test” button.

So you could manually create those TODAY values in a table and simply write the same expression and press ‘Test’ button under expression editor.

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Yes, and on 3 different apps. But I’d like to test only 1 expression, which has many today() elements.

Hmm… I was hoping for a simpler solution. But good idea if that is all that can be done :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

One approach I would try is, in all those elements, I would replace TODAY() with USERSETTINGS(TodayCheck). Here [TodayCheck] is a date type column in USERSETTINGS

I would keep changing values of [TodayCheck] in USERSETTINGS. After successful debugging and testing, I would again replace USERSETTINGS(TodayCheck) back to TODAY()

So in an expression IF ( [Delivery Date]>TODAY() , “Okay”, “Past Delivery Date”) , I would test with

IF ( [Delivery Date]>USERSETTINGS(TodayCheck) , “Okay”, “Past Delivery Date”)


Neat! Thank you!

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