Any way to use AppSheet offline in s similar ...

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Any way to use AppSheet offline in s similar way to Form Publisher, so I can edit a pdf for printing locally from Android? (without using email relay like Form Publisher).

Would also like help setting up Appsheet

  • please let me know where I can find services for hire.

Thank you

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I’m afraid the app won’t work offline in that way. You will need to send the workflow so you can have the pdf.

For helping… please check

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@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks for referalls.

None of my other options right now are completly offline, so I will still pursue finding a developer to help print to my Rongta RPP300 Thermal Printer - if anyone used this printer before please message me.

Thanks all

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What is the main problem with this printer?

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@Aleksi_Alkio Right now I am only testing AppSheet, not using it in the field.

I use Google Forms and Form Publisher, which emails form answers on a template that I can edit.

It comes as a pdf but I have to copy and paste the contents into the printer app to print.

The printer can print some pdf’s but not what form publisher sends.

It can also print a webpage, and I could save the url from a webpage (so I could have an app submission refresh a webpage that I can easily load and print without laborious copy-pasting from my email app into printer app).

Another alternative is to have a pdf that I can open and print with the printer app - but only about 2

out of 10 pdfs seem to print and I don’t know what qualities the pdf needs to work with the thermal printer.

All the pdfs I have managed to print the text was also too small to read.

Only printing by copy-pasting into the text field in printer app has worked so far.

I will attach a sample of what I am printing now.

Reducing the tediousness of what we are doing now would be great, adding things like logo and signature collecting would be fab.

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Are you able to read the data from the body text?

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The printer doesn’t print the pdfs form publisher sends through email.

I don’t have anything to try with Appsheet yet, it seems like a little harder to set up than Form Publisher.

There may also be a way to send data to the printer without using the app, but I do not have expertise in this.

The printer company does have English support through Skype.

I would hire a freelancer that could help us out - I didn’t mind the copy-pasting but as we expand I would like the process to be more seamless.

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@Aleksi_Alkio Specifically, do you mean can the printer receive the data?

I don’t think the app ever really loads the form publisher pdf.

I don’t know why it rejects it.

It is still a benefit, because we can fill out a form with all information needed for record keeping, however only part of this information is needed to print.

Form Publisher let’s me edit the template so I can print only what we need to.

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It looks like the printer has an SDK for custom programming - I’ll see if developing an app for the printer outside of AppSheet might be best for this specific use case.