Anybody experiencing Zapier (Beta) connect is...

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Anybody experiencing Zapier (Beta) connect issue?

I am trying to setup Zapier to connect to my Account as per the Video compiled by @Peter -

I did click on the “Accept Invite Button”, but Appsheet is not listed in my List of Apps on Zapier. - See ScreenShot

I understand that is Christmas Holidays and I did get a response from Peter: - “This is still a beta integration, and it’s currently in the process of being formally published, but I expect it will be live and visible again in the app directory within the next month or so.”

I just wanted to understand if it is just me experiencing this initial Zapier setup issue or not?

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I suggest reading the series of articles that start here - API: The Essentials

You should be able to do the following: 1. Go to 2. Create a new Zap 3. Configure a Trigger. If you want to use an AppSheet webhook as the trigger then see my comment above about making the Trigger a Zapier “Catch Hook”. Based on your comment you may want to use some other Trigger, but in any case you need a Trigger of some type. 4. Once you have a trigger defined, then click “Add a Step”. 5. Click “Action/Search” 6. In the Search box enter “AppSheet”. Select “AppSheet (1.0.0)”

API: The Essentials

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It looks like you are trying to use AppSheet as a “Trigger”. AppSheet does not currently define an Zapier trigger. It only defines Zapier actions.

If you want to use AppSheet as a “Trigger” you need to define a AppSheet webhook that targets a Zapier “Catch Hook”. See - Integrate with Zapier

Integrate with Zapier

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh thanks for the response. I am trying to get my Website to post to Appsheet. My understanding is that this is possible.

I am trying to follow the instructions in Peter Dykstra’s video how to setup Zapier so that the guy that does my Website can use Zapier to post to Appsheet. Any more guidance apart from the link above you can give me?

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh I should according to this Article be able to connect Zapier to Appsheet so that another Application can use a Zap to Add a Record to Appsheet.

Only way to do that is to enroll in the Beta Program, which I did, but Appsheet is not listed as an App in Zapier when I do that and its hould be. @Peter 's video above illustrate that - Connect a Zapier “ZAP” to Your App Connect a Zapier “ZAP” to Your App

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh thanks for the feedback. I will start clean and try it again, but step 6. was where I got stuck - Search does not produce a selectable Appsheet option. BTW my JSON is already written to do the Add Record via an Appsheet Report Webhook