Anybody having issues with "Required" rules r...

(Evan Paeth) #1

Anybody having issues with “Required” rules right now? Everything was spot on yesterday, but now even just checking the required box in the column definition (no required rules, show rules or other rules in place) won’t make the column required.

Might just be a temp bug, but it’s trippin’ me out right now. Just want to see if I’m the only one for some reason.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Could you see if you have any warnings in the Info pane of the editor? It could be that the column is also marked hidden (Hidden columns can’t also be Required unless they have an initial value)

(Evan Paeth) #3

Hey Praveen,

The required columns aren’t hidden and I don’t have any warnings in the Info pane.

(Screenshot of required check, and showing it is not hidden.) In the column editor for this Enum, the only formula in place is to change the Display Value depending on if it is blank or not. I removed that to see if it made a difference. It didn’t so now I’m just at a loss. It is the first value in my form and this column determines paths and applicable fields after that. Right now, I can skip this step and save a row with completely blank entries which hasn’t been the case.

Required rules were working when I left it yesterday and then as soon as I opened it up to begin working today, it looked as if most of the required if rules were completely ignored across my form.

Valid If works in some cases, and the other ‘required ifs’ - that require a column depending on another column’s value earlier in the form - work.

Right now though, if a column is required only based on its own required rules and its requirement isn’t determined based on the value of another column, its Required If rules are being ignored.

I’ll keep looking around to see if some strange blanket rule I made is causing this, but I’m pretty sure one doesn’t exist that would cause something this drastic.

Not a huge issue currently, as I’m mainly focusing on UX and additional flair this weekend, but it’s definitely got me wondering what is going on.

Thanks for getting back to me. Love what you all do and this service has literally become the backbone of my teams workflow.


(Evan Paeth) #4

I figured out what was going on.

The Page Header, containing all the required fields I had issue with, was hidden. So it was in fact a hide rule that was causing this. whoops… my bad. Still learning the nuances of the page and section headers for forms.

Now I know.