Anyone else notice you can now 'search' and t...

(Tom Graham) #1

Anyone else notice you can now ‘search’ and then select multiple rows to apply actions? Appsheet is now so much more powerful. No need to create a ‘view’ for every scenario that a staff member may encounter, simply train them to search for the scenario and they can action away.

Best thing, was too see the faces of employees as I showed them this feature and how they can use it to make their jobs easier, and also explaining that I had communicated directly the the Appsheet CEO to raise the issue and show how this feature could be so powerful for our workflows. Truly a happy day for me as a manager.

Cheers Praveen!

Thanks also to @Aleksi_Alkio for helping bring this forward.

Also must say - disappointed with Google and G+, shutting down such a thing means this kind of communication and collaboration in the future may not be possible. Take a leaf out of Praveen’s book!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Thanks @Tom_Graham. Appreciate your engagement with us. Btw, have you seen the new Assistant feature — it may provide more flexibility because you can “search” and “control” using natural language.

Wrt this user community, of course we will carry it forward even after G+ shuts down. We’ll have to migrate it to some other forum platform, that’s all. We’re waiting to see what Google tells us about migration options.