Anyone else seeing the UX>Views page responding really slow?

For the past couple of days, anytime I’m inside the UX>View panel performance has been a nightmare.

Everywhere else things are fine, but whenever I go there - it’s like a literal 1 second delay between a click with the mouse and the screen responding.
Doesn’t matter the size or complexity of the app. I just created a new app (something like 3 or 4 views) and saw the very same behavior that I’m seeing on an app with 35 views.

Anyone else seeing something like this?

Is it only slow in the UX>views not the Data Page? What about other UX tabs?

No, it’s really slow performance wise. Like:

  • Click to open a view… wait…wait… there it is.
  • Click to close the view… wait for it… wait… there it is.

I haven’t experienced this, but given the work going into the app editor, I wouldn’t be surprised that a bug crept in. Off to with you! Run along now!



After edit the app, save it. It take forever. And close browser while believed the changes not being saved,one case it was saved and other case it was not .

Restarted PC but seeing same issues.

This happens to me at least.

Please report this to

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Mine only does that super occasionally. I just blame Comcast since they suuuuuuck.