Anyone know if it's possible to use the Calen...

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Anyone know if it’s possible to use the Calendar (the data source one not the new UX view) as a way to dereference to another datasource main table? E.g.: I wish to take an appointment’s location or “From” and dereference these directly into my Requests table, this way I can generate requests with less manual data entry.

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Hi @Westmount_Transporta, based on description, looks like you wish to retrieve values such as Location , From etc. from the Calendar table into another table called Requests.

If this understanding is correct, then testing showed that yes it is feasible. One can add Calendar table’s Row ID key column as a Referenced column in another table and then retrieve the other column values such as Location, Start Date

etc. from the calendar table into other table by dereferencing.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar I’ll try that. Thanks

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Worked. Thanks !