Anyone know what happened to the Data button ...

(Multi Tech Visions) #1

Anyone know what happened to the Data button that used to be visible in a chart view?

Now there’s no way to get to the underlying data.


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Matt, we are now generating the “Data” button via an action just like the other actions.

There are two cases:

*) If you open your app in the editor or create a new one, then every chart view X gets an associated “Chart Data for X” action. By default, its prominence is “Prominent” but not “Overlay”. It is shown as an extra action via the dot-dot-dot vertical menu at the top right. You can change this to Overlay, change the conditions when it is shown, change the icon for it, etc. If you change it to Overlay, it will show on top of the chart at the standard bottom right location as a circular button.

*) If it is an existing app that has not been touched in the editor, it should show the old Data button. I messed up on ensuring this works, but have fixed that just now.

(Multi Tech Visions) #3

One problem I noticed, it doesn’t carry along the specific data like it used to; when you tapped the data button before it would only show you the records that are shown in the chart, now it’s showing you everything in the table.

It’s the system gen deeplink, it doesn’t carry along any of the specifics for the chart (filter wise)


(Multi Tech Visions) #4

I was successfully able to construct a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() formula that’s responsive (especially since the table that this is all for is HUGE) and accurate.

But out the gate, the system generated chart button is linking to a “fastTable” for the table in question - could this be defaulted to the inline view for the table instead of generating one on the fly?

(Multi Tech Visions) #5

@praveen okay scratch the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() working, it seems to not be context specific and just shows the same subset of data irregardless of the parent record you’re actually viewing.

I tried this:

linktofilteredview(“patient_weights_table_ref”, [patient_link] = [_thisrow].[patient_link])

that’s the parent view and what I was thinking would filter that view based on what’s being shown.

But it’s just pulling the same group of records and not what’s from the graph.

(Multi Tech Visions) #6

@praveen seems that if you navigate from a details view to a chart, that chart (while still displaying the filtered data) doesn’t pass that context along to the actions.

So the plus button to add a weight isn’t carrying the ref