Anyone out there launching your Phone/Tablet ...

(Stephen Mattison) #1

Anyone out there launching your Phone/Tablet into your Apps with NFC Tags?!

You should be, it’s awesome! Great for SignUp, LogIn, ClockIn, RollCall, AboutUs, MoreProductInfo, Inventory, Security, and 9,888 other things!

Find more and report back here!

Only $0.15USD/ea! Copy Browser URL of the App View you want to Jump in to, Write to Tag, Tap, Launch & Enjoy! Do the same trick with your WiFi Password and you’ll never have to tell Guests how to spell your Passy, just tell them to tap their phone on your NFC Tag and it’s automatic and instant!

Stick them anywhere, or embed them in concrete/resin puck.




(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #2

@Stephen_Mattison I wasn’t aware of the WiFi feature. Thats pretty Awesome! Only for Android though.

(Stephen Mattison) #3


Huh, what’s up with Apple, that totally sucks!

Must figure out!

Works slick as snot on Android, SO fast!

(Jim Davidson) #4

I read that apple is yet to support this feature but possibly will in future versions.