anyone use a sql db for your apps? I have 3 ...

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anyone use a sql db for your apps?

I have 3 tables that are allow new rows but not taking edits from Appsheet, although edits directly in sql are happening.

Have no idea where to begin to debug this issue - it’s never happened to me before.

And the 3 tables are all set to allow adds, updates, and deletes.

No sync errors in Appsheet.

Edits just disappear when sync is complete.

Appsheet is also investigating but if there are sql experts here maybe you’ve seen this type of behavior before?


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(Tammi Canelli) #3

azure sql db

(Simon Adcock) #4

Sorry I can’t help but out of interest how easy was the SQL azure setup? Also is your sync noticably faster than e.g. smartsheet? I’m planning an app that will be too big for a spreadsheet.

(Fernando López) #5

The Sync time is notably faster with mySQL

(Tammi Canelli) #6


my IT dept setup the db.

The first one took a bit of time since it was their first and they consulted with a microsoft rep, but we’ve added 3 more since then and it’s taken them no time at all.

Security was their biggest concern.

I haven’t really noticed a difference in sync times though.

(Fernando López) #7

You really notice in big amount of data, but specially when writing simultaneously many data, it seems like google has a time delay between access connection to write data, so the sync time is too long