Anyone want to do something Crazy?

looks like DEVPOST is having a hackathon for COVID-19. I think there are some already great ideas on this board. With how quickly ideas can be built up on Appsheet, maybe there is something neat that could be done here?
here’s the link

Anyone interested? I’ve never done something like this before, I’m generally a boring old spreadsheet guy.


Appsheet has you feeling empowered and generally froggy huh!?


Yes, empowered and froggy. Also I’m generally stuck inside the house so I’m looking for something to do right now


Let’s hear some ideas. I’m a medical student and have been using Appsheet extensively.

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So, I was thinking about the FEMA system really isn’t built well. So the app I built has a list of all of the urgent care facilities, and I use location to help people find the closest one to them. But if you took this another level, and had local FEMA and SEMA control of what was open in times of crisis they could control the flow, and to some level stop places from being over run. It’s sort of like traffic control.
I figure there is the user app, which goes out to the population as something they should have for natural disaster, a FEMA Admin app, where they load in all of the information on what is open, and a service manager app, so that would be at the hospital or shelter so they could put in how many people they have and cross reference with availability. With the location part we could set a location filter so that it’s only functional for people that are in the disaster.

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What sorts of apps have u built? I’m an MD using mainly appsheet as well.

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Sounds like a nice idea for crowdsourced control. Appsheet has the automatic background update feature, I wonder if it is fast enough to get rapidly evolving information to the relevant parties. In order to get buy-in from the local administrators, do you think the app has to leverage existing FEMA infrastructure?

Those are all really great questions. I haven’t worked in FEMA, so I’m not sure at what speed they need the data to update, but I think it would be fine using the update speeds with appsheet. If not maybe the mock up on how it would work using appsheet as a quick development is a good enough proof of concept to get them to buy off on it.
I think one should always try to use current infrastructure in order to implement a new system, that removes the barrier of learning something new. What we’d really have to figure out is if we could reduce the work load for FEMA by doing this.
Once again, I’ve never done hackathons before, but from reading the submission information for this one they are fine with production level and concept level submissions.

I know this is probably too late, but have you looked at CDC self checker chatbot?

This is way beyond my ability, but if there were a similar chatbot to help triage patients before they came in. When you were complete with the chat and it assessed that you needed to come in, it would tell you which hospital to go to and take all your information ahead of time. So just using your ID card the healthcare facility could place you at the right level of care. It would also be neat for healthcare to feed back into that system for positive identification to better train the model. If I were designing an entire system around this, the test samples would get logged in conjunction with the patient to provide that feedback loop. Beyond that what would be great if there were an app that pulled their historical GPS data and overlayed it with facebook information to do contact tracing. With each positive result, maybe the data would start pointing to hot spots, or do a better identification of who are more likely to contract by the number of exposures. Just pontificating

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That’s awesome! How about yourself? I develop several apps for medical students and for an urban farming nonprofit, such as:

• medical knowledge flashcard network that uses spaced repetition memorization, schematic thinking, and forum-style discussions to help students and faculty organize medical knowledge

• urban farming app that helps a nonprofit i’m a part of coordinate our growing and distribution of our vegetables and products

I love reducing people’s workloads with good communication platforms that reduce redundancy.

Check this algorithm out as well. Everyone seems to have their own special algorithm for COVID19 and because of the epidemiological and pathophysiological complexity and heterogeneity, its very difficult to agree on a single one.

I wonder how important the algo is right now? If it really just needs to be a triage to get going in the right direction to limit the amount of upfront work.

So I just posted this on the Hackathon board. I think appsheet could be used for part 1 and 2 of this. It would be a rough mock up, and a presentation.

COVID-19 has exposed a larger gap in the emergency response system in the US.
I was thinking about creating a smarter EMS system, by using cellphones as the platform. One of the hardest things to do during an emergency is to communicate relief areas, and then control traffic at each of those areas. I figure mobile technology solves both of those issues if done correctly. With an app installed on a phone for emergency situations, a person could receive basic notifications and locations of places to go in case of an emergency. In the background the app could keep re prioritizing locations based on inflow of civilians to a location, to lessen demand constraints. Here is what I’m thinking

  1. Civilian facing app. This posts basic information to assist populations that are in need.
    a. Notifications from local officials on response coordination, and things being done.
    b. Shelter locations, this list changes based on current location, and offers a mapping functionality to it to help people get there
    c. Food locations - same as above
    d. Medical locations - same as above, but maybe have another end that helps users self triage their problem so they go to the most relevant location
    e. Emergency response communication - this would be greater then 911 since it’s location based. Once again to relieve stress on the basic EMS.

  2. App for FEMA - Really this would be just to update each of those fields as mobile stations come on or go off line.

  3. In the background create a demand system that helps predict supply needs based on GPS information about how many people are at a location or moving to a location.

I don’t have the ability to put a fully functional system together, but just some small apps and a presentation. If anyone is interested in helping please let me know.

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Hey @School_Bus! Would love to lend a hand if possible.

An organization called Trek Medics International does this via sms by dispatching/notifying people in a locality to an emergency to get help to injured/sick people quicker prior to EMS/an ambulance arriving.

In reading your crazy idea, :wink: it sounds like you want to do something similar, but to notify ppl about shelter/food/care (# b, c, d) in certain areas. Probably the biggest initial challenge is finding those items already published to be able to scrape to pull into the app. My guess is those locations are SO dynamic I think it’ll be a challenge to keep up with as a manual effort.

Love the idea of a supply prediction based on GPS info - are you suggesting ppl check in on site at ‘x’ location or using some other type of aggregation?


I wasn’t thinking of scraping the data. I was actually hoping to give it to FEMA/SEMA to use and populate the information.

On the GPS supply prediction, I was thinking this would all happen in the background. When I was in the Army we predicted supply demands on headcount, I imagine FEMA/SEMA has to do the same thing. There is some variance depending on the disaster, but at least they could create a basic supply list off of that number.

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How’s the hackathon been going for you? It sounds like there’s a number of these popping up and I don’t think I’m the only one here who’s interested to know where you’re finding success and where you need a little assistance. In short, give us an update!

Good news and bad news. I never got a chance to really work on it, but the reason why is because I was working with the state in setting up donation sites to collect medical equipment.

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