Anyone who join Tableau Conference at Las Vegas from Appsheet community?

Hi Community,

I’m geek of Appsheet and touching Appsheet almost everyday for the last couple of years, and also I’m a greek of Tableau. I’m planning to make a trip to Las Vegas on this coming November to attend to the Tableau Conference.
I m also a partner to Appsheet and pushing service to my clients with solutions using Appsheet as well as Tableau dashboard.

Wondering if anyone from this Appsheet community is going to Vegas for the same purpose?

Great to organise quick meet up to know better each other ! I’m also plan to fly into Seattle to see all the friends in Appsheet team which I cant wait for.

Cheers everyone.


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Hi @tsuji_koichi . I am. I’ll be there all day tomorrow. After Devs on Stage I will head to the partner village and hang out most of the day around the Splash booth. You can ask any of them at the booth and they will know where to find me. Looking forward to catching up with you at the conference tomorrow.

Hi there I’m in the data village now but can’t find the booth of Splash…

Are you going to be in TC tomorrow as well, hope to catch up tomorrow if you stay here.

Bummer I missed you there. I was there all afternoon. Splash booth was in the Tableau foundation section.

Searched Splash on mobile TC app but nothing was hit. Ah make sense. Unfortunately I have left the site, you will be in tomorrow?