Anyone with RingCentral VoIP service able to ...

(Brady Lovell) #1

Anyone with RingCentral VoIP service able to click on an SMS action from their PC, via Chrome?

I’ve recently switched to VoIP, specifically so we could use our new app to call and text phone numbers by clicking the actions from our desktop PC’s. I’ve downloaded both the RingCentral for Windows software, and the RingCentral Chrome plug-in. When I click the Call action, Chrome will open RC for Windows like it should, but when I click on the SMS action, i get nothing. I don’t know of any way to get the SMS action from our AppSheet app, linked to the RC for Windows software like the Call action is. I think it has something to do with the protcol(?) “sms:” & “tel:”, and the sms: protocol isn’t being recognized. Whenever I originally clicked the Call action which triggered the tel: protocol, and I was able to choose the RC for Windows software. But for some reason, when I click the SMS action, it triggers the sms: protocol and I get nothing but a blank webpage, and no option to choose a default program to handle it.

Any suggestions?


(Dave Ranglos) #2

The link below is for workflow…Not sure if this info would help… not sure about this functionality while viewing app on desktop the action does not know where to post the request or where to deliver the payload… without using a web hook…or something similar…have you looked at the RingCentral api integration docs… on mobile I think appsheet

should open the user device options to send the sms. Appsheet from what I understand uses Twillo… to send sms so there be some type of connection to be made there.

I think viewing/using the action on desktop might require some heavy lifting.

Sorry that’s all I have :[ - Sending SMS from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report

Sending SMS from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report