Anyway to have a behavior next to a certain r...

(Chris Ridge) #1

Anyway to have a behavior next to a certain row that can copy the whole text to the clipboard?

Example, An address row to be copied to Google maps or shared to an email.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Chris_Ridge, If I have understood your requirement correctly, you may wish to consider these two


to send the current row you are viewing in detail view to an email.

  1. You can add a datetime type of column called

say " SendEmail"

to the table. Please create and set an action type

’ set

the value of a column"

on this column to NOW()

You can now trigger a workflow type

“On updates” on this table that checks the condition of “SendEmail” column to send the report to an email.For other updates ,this workflow will not trigger.

  1. You can create an action type “external: Start an email” and define “To”, “Subject” and "Body"to contain the necessary details you wish to send.
(Chris Ridge) #3

thanks for the response. I am not sending the info in an email, i was just using that as an example.