API and Data Partitioning

Can I force a specific data partitioning “resultant” value when pushing through the API?

I understand that there are some properties that can be specified, none of these seem to fit the bill… I am NOT using the built-in USERSETTINGS() for data partitioning, since i’m using a launcher/mini-app format… Furthermore, each user has the potential to select different data partitions in a USER table enum drop down, so using the RunAsUserEmail option seems like a no go for my needs. I have already read through this:

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I am not sure I understand your question.
Can you explain what you are trying to achieve more fully?

We’re using power shell catching a PDF file, parsing it’s pages into images with ghostscript, pushing those “page” records back in through the API. I have the data partition ID in the file name… Or could do look up / API Find… BUT the users can change their partition selection with a dropdown. So, I am capturing which partition they are on at the time they upload the PDF, but by the time I want to API records back, they could have changed their partition selections…