API end point for GET request to retrieve Appsheet account & apps detail / meta data

I wish to get access to Appsheet API to retrieve the account information, such as

  • list of app name, IDs,
  • Date of creation
  • Last update date.
  • List of white listed users
  • Latest version number
  • Stable version number
  • Status of app (deployed or prototype)
  • Shared app name and id


Once we grow and get the bunch of the apps under the single account, it is quite easy and instant to access to such an endpoint to retrieve the most latest information about all the app we developped.
Even we are able to create simple apps where we render the list of the data, simply using this end point, either scripting on google app script or even using Apigee as connector.

In that way, we are able to develop our own app developper app to quickly access to the latest information about all the app we have.

We have hundreds app, both deployed or prototype, we need a list without manual works being involved.

Thank you.

I m sure Appsheet team should have this sort API alredy, so request might be “please releaese this API to app creator?” :wink: