API Endpoint to Edit Allowed App-User List (Instead of Opening App Editor)

Currently in AppSheet, adding/removing app-users has to be done manually in each app.

So if your company uses 10 different apps and you hire a new employee, someone has to open each app in the editor and add the user to all 10 apps.

This feature request is for an API endpoint to edit the allowed-user list for an app.

Please allow for adding/removing users in bulk via the AppSheet API.

This could be combined with a User table and webhook-workflow to sync the list of app users without the need to open each app in the editor.

Several related feature requests have asked for a built-in User table or other ways to sync users.

This request is JUST for the API access, so that app creators would have to add their own user table and integrate with the API themselves.

That should greatly simplify the design specs of the feature for the AppSheet-devs, by allowing the app-creators to handle the user table, triggers, syncing, etc.

Thanks for considering! :smiley: