API Error: AppSheet Webhook action depth reached

Can anyone shed some light on what this means?

In what context are you receiving the error?

Is the change from one Bot triggering another Bot, which in turn triggers other Bots? There is a 5-step depth limit there, as described here:

Just a guess though.


No its just a single bot

1 = An Action writes into a cell. This is the trigger for a bot
2 = Bot calls a webhook which calls an action - “Action”: "Auto Import Materials"
3 = Auto Import Materials is a grouped action calling 3 other actions
3a = Write a timestamp into a column
3b = An “Execute an action on a set of rows”, which also calls an action
3c = Clears the cell writen in 1 above

Tried limiting the number of rows referenced in 3b to just 2, same error

Just in case this helps somehow… The action 3a above ran 14times during the last time the bot ran. Each timestamp way 10-20sec apart. Not sure why this would be.

Just tried it without 3a & 3c. Now says Complete in Monitoring, but 3b does not seem to be running. 3b works fine when done from an action