API Integrations: can AppSheet pull-in data from an external service via an API?

Currently exploring the API integration functionality to pull-in Exchange and the Countries they operate-in data into an AppSheet solution from an external service. I think I read somewhere that this functionality is not possible. Only AppSheet sharing data via the API will work.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct?

You can use webhooks to invoke external web services but you cannot retrieve data from external web services via webhooks.

Others in the community may have suggestion on how to accomplish this through other means.

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This might help.


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Thank you for the clarification on web-hooks; it is what I suspected and many thanks for the API Connector info, I’ll give the API Connector a go.

The data I have is held in a MySQL Database as I am one the individuals looking to port-across an application from AppMaker. Ideally we wouldn’t want to leave any data in a spreadsheet and as far as I am aware AppSheet doesn’t offer an ‘import’ routine other than an action to copy rows.

Something to explore further.