API question

Firstly, I want to say thankyou to Qrew for a great webinar on using API. I always thought it would be much more difficult.
I have a question-wondering if the following is possible.

We use Appsheet for out procurement system. I have 10 Apps, all of similar structure, one for each project. I use the same Suppliers across all Apps. I need to analyse Supplier performance across all Apps.

Currently, I have a Reports spreadsheet with pivot tables and charts. I manually pull the Orders details from each App into the Reports spreadsheet as the combined source for the charts.

If I create a Reports App and pull the Reports spreadsheet into a table can I use API to update this table from the Orders tab in each if the 10 Apps?

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Hi @Martina. Glad you enjoyed the webinar.

Are you using separate Project Apps to keep app performance fast?

You could add a new Row in a central Report Table a couple different ways. The API is probably the best way (doesn’t interrupt the app experience for your project apps).

You’ll need a workflow for Adds, one for Updates, and one for Deletes if you give those permissions in the project app.

Hi @Stefan_Quartemont ,
yes using different Apps for performance. We use Sharepoint to store data not Google.
I’m going to watch your webinar again and then give it a stab.
I was thinking I could somehow trigger the workflow in the Reports App as it only needs compiled monthly or as and when needed. Reports does not have to be live up to date data all the time.
I just want to pull some columns from the Orders table in all the Project Apps when required to produce a combined source for the pivot tables.