API - Runs on What Version

If I’m sending an incoming payload what app version does it use?
Latest, or Stable?

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Why does version matter for data changes? Won’t the data changes affect all versions?

Data Change kicks off other workflows, initial values, etc…
So those could be different for different app versions.

OK, so are you wanting the change to only affect either latest or stable version and not both?

Well, it can’t be for both… I imagine that it runs on one or the other…
I know that when you have users, they default to stable if there is a stable version. I assume that APIs would do the same… However, what if I’m working on the new latest version, and testing things… Then I’ll want it firing off of the latest version…

Best bet is to probably have a separate app for editing, then do the App Upgrade process…
Which opens up another question about how the API keys are managed when doing the app upgrade. (Always painful to double back and make sure everything is connected well.)

It looks like the REST API uses the latest version.

Add, Delete, and Update requests that are submitted by the client specify the version.
It is the version that was active when they synced.

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Can this be something you add to the properties?
Also, I would think you maybe should use the standard nomenclature… Default, Latest, or Stable. (If there is a stable version, i would think you should default to that.

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