API to get email Address

Hi all,

I need a little help. So I need some users to be able to send emails based on location. To figure out the email they need to send to, I need to hit an API to get the right e-mails since it’s geolocation.
I know I could prompt for an address, and then use something like integromat to hit the API to get the address, and I can even use that to feed back into my google sheet, but I still run into the problem of how do I get the email sent through integromat?

As I understand it, have personally yet to use, there is a new feature in the Automation where you can trigger a bot based on a change in the underlying sheet. My understanding is that in your use case, you could have Integromat write the email address to use into the Google sheet and then AppSheet can “sense” when that change is made and trigger an email bot. I’ll try to dig up the article/post that raised this new feature.

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Thank you!! I need to play with these!!

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thanks both for that. I’ll have to play with it. Maybe I can get integromat to send a webhook to initiate the email, or have appsheet invoke the bot with the change to the google sheet.

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