Apigee Data Source - OAuth for Client Credentials Grant Type

Hi AppSheet Community,

I’m pleased to announce a much requested feature for the Apigee data source. We have added support for OAuth v2 Client Credentials Grant Type Authorization as a full GA feature, available to all users to try (Apigee is classified as an Advanced data source which required Enterprise or Enterprise Plus editions).
You can find all of the technical details in the help article here.

What does this mean?

  • You can now use OAuth to secure your APIs for use in AppSheet via a client id and secret. This is a standard way to secure APIs and gives AppSheet App Creators access to more APIs.
  • You can still choose to use API-Key Authentication if that is preferred
  • You can choose OAuth for Manual mode or for OpenAPI Spec mode

A couple of other features have also been added recently for the Apigee data source, and the details are in the same help article:

  • Pagination - for large datasets, you can now use pagination to get smaller payloads in pages
  • Query filters via Security Filter expressions - Filter large datasets to the data most important to the App User
  • Support for YAML in addition to JSON for the OpenAPI Spec format

Please let us know your feedback in the comments here! Thanks, and happy app creating!

Scott Haaland
AppSheet Product


How does the pagination is going to happen with AppSheet, using this Apigee features?
AppSheet always sync and give a call to the backend data source. Once the sync is completed, then user , clicent devices is holding such data to run the app even offline.
For instance, we are on the table view at this point of time upon completing a single sync ops, then lets say we have 100 records out of pagination.
To view the next page (another 100 new records), how do we give a subsequent API call to Apigee Proxy? Just scroll down to the bottom on the table view then it is going to initiate sync to get additional 100 record to display?

AppSheet is runnable when we have required data set. Hence it always reads table and records firstly all the time. When we do Pagination stuffs, the records on the table is not extracted client device.

All in all, I m not able to come up with the practical use case to employ pagination function with Appsheet.

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