App auto syncs after a while, discarding entered data

Hi all
I’ve created a training session logging app, which is a collection of forms writing to multiple sheets in the same Gsheet

If I start a new entry, but leave the phone for a while, I’ve noticed that sometimes appsheet re-syncs when I reopen it, discarding all the data I had already logged. A training session can span over multiple hours, so obviously this is problematic

Does anyone have a remedy to this problem?

Thanks in advance

For avoiding that, you could save the form and reopen it. If you need, you could set the Event action in a way that when you save it, it will reopen it automatically.

Thanks, I can try that. But my app has a number of references, so there are nested forms. Saving the top-level form does not make sense until all sub-form entries are complete.

So I should save the top level form after each nested form entry? That will make the app less useful

I also still have this issue of the app resyncing intermittently during inputting nested entries in forms. Is there a bug report on this issue already?

I ve not see this issue with my own app, but as workaround, why dont we make detail view with the quick edit column?
While we are entering data into app thorugh the form view, the data wont be saved unless the form is actually and explicitly “saved” by the user. However, entering data through the detail view with quick edit mode, the data will be synced, i.e. saved to the cloud upon editing data on the detail view, the user is not required to explicitly take action or SAVE.
As a alternative workaround.


Hey @tsuji_koichi this is a great idea! Thanks I didn’t think of this workaround before.

This workaround will work for existing entries that have already been inputted, but I don’t think this will work for new entries, where the nested forms are necessary to create additional rows related to a newly created row.

yes, we need to save the new form first and then work on that “existing” row afterwards.

Another possible work around is to create new action where you add new row (new entry form) to a target table. This will skip the entry through the form, but add new row without opening new form.
Then user open up this “existing” form and edit data through quick edit mode?

make sense?