App Back-End Using Google Sheets

I have created an app, works flawlessly as a single user. I want to develop this same app for many users. This is not for a business, each user would be separate and would require their own set of Google Spreadsheets.
How is this done. I have reached out to Appsheet and for 3 days, they have not answered the question. They suggested I ask on this forum.
Any ideas. I have wasted alot of time making this app function to find out that no matter what it wants every ones data on one set of spreadsheets.

Each one of your user needs to have an email address associated with one of the supported cloud providers and shall create an AppSheet account which is inline with yours (Premium or Pro). Then you add these as users to your own app as co-author. When your users open their appsheet accounts, they will notice your app under Co-authored Apps section and they choose to Copy the app including its Data. Now all the users have their own copy of the app with their own gSheet hosted in their cloud storage.

That is great in a business environment. I want to White list my app on Google and sell the app for users. That will not work for that type of setting.

Then may be I shall remind you that white-listed apps are public apps and as there won’t be any user authentication you cannot filter away data per user.

Correct, I want each user to have their own data. Therefore, there would be no reason to filter.

Then you can try with selecting the Small Business Plan which is a secure app with PRO features and you pay per app. As it’s a pro plan, you can white-label the app also. But as I say, there is no logic for the user to have their back-end sheet. Provided they intentionally or unintentionally change the back-end, rename column headers, delete columns etc. the app will not work.

The entire back end is secure. Most of the sheets are hidden. There are a couple of tables for reference. Data can only be accessed via the App.
That may be a possibility.

So each user would have their own set sheets that follow my template?

Each copy of the app would be identical and I should not have access to their sheets.

No any user can have their own gSheet in their own cloud provider, as you will be the app creator. And as I said earlier, it’s not logical for any app user to have their own copy that they can access. If you want, you can subscribe to Business Plan and use data partioning which will create a seperate tab for each user in the apps gSheet back-end. I will chime in @praveen and @Aleksi