App blocked, is it memory problem?

I have been using Appsheet for 4 years, and one of the applications suddenly crashed, I couldn’t open it on a phone, on a tablet, or on a computer, I couldn’t open it in the Appsheet editor either.

Reviewing the spreadsheet I observed that it had 11,000 rows, from column A to M, and I thought it was a lot of information to load it on a phone, (but I don’t know if the same can happen on a computer), so I made a backup of the file and deleted all the information from the years prior to 2021.

That is how the application worked again for me. Is this logical? Or was the problem that I should have analyzed?

By itself, 11000 rows is not a lot. It depends on what the rows contain, what other tables you have, what virtual columns, etc. We have customers loading a lot more data than that in apps that run in a browser. That said, it is easy to end up with a sluggish app if you have a lot of data and a lot of complex expressions.


Hi @Luis_Rodriguez ! I hope you get a good resolution to this problem.

I think you should have posted this as a question, not a feature request. Perhaps someone with the appropriate status can fix that for you.

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@Luis_Rodriguez I changed the category. Any chance to see what the exact error message was before you removed some rows away?