App Changes not visible

I am a new user and so far loving appsheet. However I am confused about when changes I make to the app are visible when running the app. I hit Save and the preview re-syncs. However it sometimes seems to reflewct the latest version of my app and sometimes not. Same with the app itself running in another tab or browser session.
I’ve seen this other similar question (AppSheet site changes not showing up in phone app) but I’ve used lots of dev tools and sometimes having to wait 2-3 hours for a change to take effect is a non-starter.
Maybe I’m missing something, so please could someone point me at a doc or explain to me what the change process is / should be (I’m not yet creating mobile apps, just web) ?

There are certain times that I have to close the tab and reopen the AppSheet editor to actually get changes to appear in the emulator. I don’t know why it works sometimes and not others.

Another way that often works is, after saving with Save, Verify Data doesn’t work. Is that I add something to the name of a form, wait for the emulator to redraw, then deleted whatever I added and then Save again. Often, that will force the emulator to catch up.

I’m new as well but this is what works for me.

Getting it to update correctly in the emulator - browser is a whole other issue for me.

Thanks. So it sounds like you have the same issues. Given that this is no actually a new product I’m amazed at this behaviour.


Many changes aren’t visible in the emulator, or behave incorrectly in the emulator, until the changes are saved. You should always save changes before expecting that the changes to be fully and accurately reflected in the emulator.

Unsaved changes are not reflected at all in the pop-out emulators (including the web interface), I don’t believe.

Can you provide some examples of the discrepancies you’ve seen?

The web interface must be synced to pick up any app changes.

I use AppSheet all day every day from home. I’ve never noticed a delay like that. More information will be needed to explain your experience. You might also try disabling any browser add-ons/extensions you have.

See also:

OK - thanks Steve. So I gather that any changes should be shown in the Emulator after saving and in the web app after re-synching (or I assume close the tab and re-launch from the editor). It’s likely that being new, my lack of knowledge is the reason for any other (perceived) issues.

Please feel free to post to the community here if/when you encounter frustrations with AppSheet. If its just unfamiliarity, the community is usually happy to lend a hand. If it’s a legitimate problem, we can point you to better resources. AppSheet does have some legitimate annoyances, but they certainly shouldn’t be enough to make you question the product’s very viability! :slight_smile: