App: copy this row and edit the copy

Hi together,

i am a german newby an have another Question.

I have an tabel with tasks. The columns are
Tasks for
Created Date
Due date

I’m a lazy guy and want to copy a task that has been created and then only edit the changes. I want that the created Date ist now()

So i find the action
App: copy this row and edit the copy.

and the Action

Data:set the values of some columns in the row
Set Created Date = Now()

then i make an action
grouped: execute a sequens of actions.

but the result is not what i want
Depending on the order, either the current date is also in the original data record or the data record is only copied and the date is not changed.

I hope someone understand my english an my question.

best regards

The action type App: copy this row and edit the copy does exactly that: it copies the row, then opens the copy in a form view to be edited. That happens before your other action to change values is performed.

To do what you want, instead use an action of type App: go to another view within this app with a Target expression that uses LINKTOFORM().

See also:

Hi Alex, hi tsuji_koichi
Thank you for your feedback, and that you are helping me, that’s very nice.
I’ll try it based on your suggestions , but i am to stupid is there a sample app I can look ?
best regards