App cost for customers

How much should i cost for one app to my customer .
Any Suggestions
Thanks in advance

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I charge per hour for development then a per month per user license cost


Thank you

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Hi Simon,

can you please provide a use case or dummy quote. I need more details in order for me to better price my custom app.


Are you looking to give them an actual fixed price quote?

Or just provide a description of the work you’re going to do for an hourly rate?

Actually I need to be ready for both models.

but at the moment I need to provide a fixed price quote for the App.

Bullet point explicitly what they’ve asked for. Estimate each item in terms of hours. Double that to account for testing and bug fixing etc. Then multiply it by your hourly rate.

The key is to be absolutely explicit in what you are going to do for them. Otherwise you’ll get
“thats not what we asked for”
“thats not what we meant”
“doesn’t look how we expected”
“sorry we forgot to mention…”




Thanks Simon

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