App created with google sheet add-on does not create a google drive folder?

Strange confusion… For the first time I tried to create an app from the appsheet google drive add-on. Normally I just create from scratch, and appsheet adds a folder in mydrive>appsheet>data folder. When I used a google sheet and the add-on, this appsheet folder was not created (and I cannot seem to find it).

Is the google drive folder creation approach different for an app created directly in the appsheet editor vs using the google sheet and add-on? Thinking I must be crazy…


Hi @Mike
I will check one I just made in a couple of hrs


Hi @Mike
I couldnt find the Appsheet folder either. Did you work out where it was?


Hi Lynn. Thanks for checking. Actually, I have not been able to locate the folder on my gdrive at all. Not sure if that is intentional. I only care because I tend to store assets for the app (like icons) under the Appsheet>Data>app name folder. Will go back to creating from scratch! :slight_smile:


@Lynn @Mike

I noticed earlier when they introduce Add-on.
On the app we create from add-on, we dont see usual set of folders, such as appsheet/data/appname/xxx

On the new app, the default folder is saying that, but actually we dont have them. I pointed out to the support this is bit confusing.

I assume @mike you create new app from spreadsheet which should be sitting in the root position of your google drive.

If you have image fileds somewhere in your app and upload the image. Then appsheet will create the folder in the root position.

Thats how it works, so not a bug.


@Mike @Lynn

Additional notes.

After we create new app from add on then we are able to create folder in the structure we want.
Then move the original spreadsheet to one of newly created folder. As far as I remember correctly, app will not break up. The new folders (like for images and files, will be created inside in this new folder.)

Obviously Appsheet is tracking the position where the app root position will be, by watching the spreadsheet ID rather than file / folder path.


Thanks @tsuji_koichi
I see where the images are in a folder with the sheet name.

Exactly @Lynn.
That s good indicator where the root folder position is.

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@tsuji_koichi @Lynn
Thanks for the insights. My experience was:

  1. created a gsheet to collect some data (in a TEST folder under my gdrive root)
  2. decided to use the gsheet add-on to create an appsheet app
  3. app was created, but no “app folder” exists in my gdrive
  4. changed the UX/Brand/App Log to point to an icon on my gdrive (thinking it might create folder structure), and confirmed no folder structure is created.

So… seems like no folder structure gets created using the app add-on. I suspect if I then modify the sheet to have an image column, appsheet will create the folder structure at that time.

For my case, I will just manually create a structure under appsheet/data and move my gsheet there. Just an inconsistency I was not expecting, but no issue :slight_smile:


Yes, most importantly we run app with no issue.

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