App Creator Control

Is there a way to remove an app creator from your account and block that user from creating apps in the future? They will still be an app user, I am just trying to prevent them from creating apps.

By definition, the App Creator is the owner of the account and has all rights and privileges to the account. If that other person is this App Creator then the account is technically theirs and not yours and you would not be able remove their app creating abilities.

Could you maybe have mis-used the term “app creator”?

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I might have mis-used it. I am referring to when you go to Appsheet > My Team > App Creators. If you own that domain (@ something . com), I would think you should have some kind of control mechanism in there to prevent users on that domain from just logging into Appsheet and then being able to create apps.

Edited to remove security issue example.

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The ability to control app creation is on our near roadmap with delivery in Q3 of this year. I’d love to learn more about your use case - please feel free to connect with me at This way I can also make sure you’re included in the early access to the feature.


@Kamila - currently, if a user shares viewer access of an application with you, there is no way to remove yourself from that app.

It would be nice to be able to remove editor/viewer access from applications that have been explicitly shared with you.


Oh I see! I wasn’t thinking about your question from a Team perspective. I have not had the pleasure of using those features yet.

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