App data Don't start from the First row of the associated excel table

Hello!! I have made an application to track down some production activities in order to study them in the process. The problem is that the data I gather through the App dont start to fill the associated excel tables from the first row leaving an area of the table blank. Have you got any advice? Thank you for your time!

Hi @panos_st
Are your column headers bold? Do you have any data on your sheet? You could add a row or two of data to your sheet and try again.
If it is still not working could you supply a screen shot of your sheet.

Thank you for your response. I noticed in another topic that sometimes appsheet doesn’t work well with excel tables, so with that in mind I tried to bold the tables’ headers ( I have 2 tables) the one was functioning correctly after this but the problem was still present in the other one. So I deleted it and created new columns with bold headers to see if it works. Unforunately, now i get this message:SCRSHT

There you can see the table i was using. With bold headers. And although i tried to fill some info by hand to give some guidance it would start the entry way below every time.scrn

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Thank you for your response. To be honest I have tried almost everything that is mentioned in the article you sent me. My solution after all was to create some null entries in the table which I hided afterwards so they don’t have an impact in my data, just to let the app know where to start. These entries are still visible in the app though but they won’t be displayed after some days of inserting data, so I guess I am fine with it.

Hi @panos_st
You should be able to delete those unneeded rows in your sheet once you have some real data in there.


Correct. Thanks for the assistance ! stay safe ! :slight_smile:

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