App definition

Happy new year to you all,
I have an app launcher with approx 10 apps. All the apps open as required, except one. I am receiving this error:

The ITP304StormwaterAboveGround-689755 app did not load successfully. Please contact the app creator.
Unable to fetch app definition. App ‘ITP304StormwaterAboveGround-689755’ was not found.

The app in question opens fine on its own, however when trying to open via the launcher it returns the error.
I have regenerated the table, I have removed and relinked the table. I have closed all apps and reopened, I am at a loss as to why this won’t open as all the apps within the launcher are the same definitions.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

Would you please take a printscreen from your spreadsheet where you have that app name.


Folder structure.

Error found. The app name had added digits between the ‘=’ and ‘&’ in the App URL. My error when establishing the Default App Folder in ‘INFO’.

Thanks Aleksi