App Deployment returns error

Dear Team,
I get an error on running deployment check. I copied this app and did some changes for deploying.
My ID is 428375; App Name: My monitor.

The “Run Deployment Check” runs for long time and returns error and I cannot see any error description. I found a similar question from another pal on this community where answers were on checking Deep Links, but in my case they don’t have any.

Then I copied this app again to check if the new app can be deployed, but in vain.
Below is the error.

Could please check in the Info tab section.

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Thanks. But the warnings are as follows: Should not be a problem for deployment.

Please contact for help with this.

I reported to the on this. I mentioned my details as above in my question. Is there anything else I should mention.

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They’ll ask for anything else they need. :slight_smile:

Great . Thanks very much

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I contacted support about this issue also, did they provide any clarity for the error?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, they did resolve it through the engineering department.

They said that merged cells in the database in many places caused this…