App Development Advice, allocate the same task to multiple people to complete individually

Hi everyone, so I’ve developed a number of apps, however ever this one has me stumped!
I want to create an app whereby I allocate each member of staff THE SAME task to complete individually i.e. to sign off on a memo or read a toolbox talk. Each task is weekly i.e one memo a week that each individual has to read and sign off on. As for views I want each user to see what is relevant for that week and what is outstanding (basically what memo they haven’t read).
I would like to have all the memos for the first 6 months already loaded on my spreadsheet, but only show the ones that are outstanding for that user or relevant for that week.
I hope this makes sense.
what I’m struggling with is how to get the app to display the memo that is only relevant for that week and the ones that are outstanding…
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated
I have looked through sample apps bust can’t seem to find a good fit.



Hi Vicky, have you tried creating a slice that captures both those conditions? You could use the AND() operator to ensure that both the time constraint and condition of outstanding are met.

Use Reports to automatically create new rows in an Allocation table which is a SubTable of the tasks?