App did not load successfully

The Packing-1449945 app did not load successfully. Please contact the app creator.

Unable to fetch app definition. Error: Unable to read the spreadsheet for ‘Packing-1449945:1.000039:Packing’ because it is not in .xlsx format. Error: Data table ‘Packing-1449945:1.000039:Packing’ is not available Error: Data table ‘Packing’ is either inaccessible or empty.

Your back-end format seems incorrect. Please check the back-end file extension and type.

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I don’t really get what you mean.
What do I need to do now?
i’m using excel file to create apps. Now, appsheet not connect with my drive to use exel file -> Total apps in my appsheet are error. :((

Please contact directly.

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oh, thasnks you to you support. :slight_smile: