App does not scroll

On my android phone and tablet, the app does not scroll. But, it scrolls fine on the windows laptop. Any insight into why this may happen would be extremely helpful…

That’s very odd! I recommend engaging on this one.

I reckon this is happening on mobile phone , it is unable to scroll up and down vertically where the table view is set to inline view. I will be sending a big fix request as well.



I tested few apps and all of them are scrolling fine. What device are you using? Appsheet app version?

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Apple, I phone.

In general, Appsheet + Apple (iphone) combination seems to be unstable to me.

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Okay thanks. Android seems to be working fine. @Martise_Armstrong are you using iPhone as well?

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it happens only particular view. As far as I see, it happens on detail view with table view as inline. See my support request on email for details.

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Just checked my app. I have multiple Detail views with inline table views, scrolling on the detail view works on my iPhone. If I view the inline table by itself, it still scrolls.

No, I am using a Samsung S7 phone. It seems to happen after I use the horizontal scrolling function. Perhaps there is a glitch with that that causes the scrolling to freeze up altogether…


Im not able to find the exact steps to reproduce the problem, but it still continuously happens. Launch the app and go to the detail view, then it is working fine till then. Yes, as @Martise_Armstrong pointed out, turning around the mobile to landscape mode and back to portrail as well as swiping the detail view to next / previous pages, those action apparently cause the freeze of the views. To get out of the issue, re-launch the app, and it will work initially, but then all the sudden issue reoccurs.

Mine is doing the same thing if I restart my phone it works for a while but then out of nowhere it won’t scroll down…I have a Samsung note 8

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@Gil Any thoughts?

My client had trouble scrolling recently with his Samsung Galaxy J6

Anyone experiencing this problem, please contact if you haven’t already done so.

I sent support request few days back , but utterly no response for your guidance.

Weird. Let me check Koichi.
It’s the 3rd time in a row we hear such concern. I wonder if something is going on with being rerouted to Google inbox.
Let me investigate and get back to you Koichi

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HI Koichi, I only found this one: “//Urgent // Amazon Cognito - unable to login”
And then there is a nother case without title that you are in discussion with Phil Garrett, on.
Are you referring to a different email that either of these two Koichi?


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I just resent.

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We have received a number of tickets about scrolling issues, but we are still trying to find the root cause.


Hi @Adam, thanks for attending to the case.
Sure. I patiently wait for a fix to come then.