App does not update in browser

I’ve tried both Edge and Chrome on multiple PC, and the app does not update, after I do changes to it.

Clearing browser cookies and incognito mode does help, but some of the users who will use this when deployed is close to computer illiterate, so… yeah. And doing that after each time I update the app on multiple PC’s does not seem like a good option.

Any ideas how to circumvent this?

Please contact for help with this.

Thank you for the tip, but I’m just in prototype yet, so I would not bother them as a non-paying customer.

The mobile app works fine. It’s only in the browsers, some cookie issue maybe. The browser just reuses the old version, and doesn’t load the new.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by “does not update”? Data changes made in the app aren’t making it to the spreadsheet? Data changes from one device aren’t seen by the other? App configuration changes aren’t making it to the devices? Are there any error or warning messages?

Have you tried to manually sync the app?

Do you have a stable version assigned that needs to be updated?

Force refresh with Ctrl-F5

Yeah sure. Thanks.

I’m in prototype and iterates the app quickly, while my coworkers tries it out. I save the app and it works fine on mobile devices. In browsers though, it doesn’t update until I clean the cookies or go into incognito mode. App configuration changes, new views I add, doesn’t make it to the browser.

Ohhh I just saw the app upgrade button. I had no idea! I’ll try and see if that works.

Thanks for the nudge!

That shouldn’t be necessary.

Have you tried sync?

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Sync on start is on, if that is what you mean.

I’m just a few days old here, sorry if I misunderstood

For me that would work, but for the computer illiterate, it’s like magic.

I mean the sync button in the upper right corner of the app screen:


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I’ll try and dig around some more, here at home it worked, at work it didn’t… hmm…

Thank you for the input! I learned a bit more :slight_smile:

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