App Download - Are there any app changes that would require re-downloading the app?

I have made a number of changes to app including renaming tables/sheets and updating Table security filters to make use of the “CurrentUser” slice technique. There were also a number of functional and feature changes.

A couple of users claim they were not able to use the app even after tapping the Sync button. But after re-downloading it, all was fine. The error displayed in app is below. I know it is related to a table/sheet name change I made and likely means the user was interacting with an app definition that was out of sync with the Google sheet.

While I have deployed a number of apps, I’ve never needed for a user re-download the app definition in order to recover. But I also have never made these type of changes. So I am left wondering…Are there any known app change scenarios that require re-downloading of the app?

I’ve seen users get thwarted by that screen and not realize they can press cancel… They have to cancel out in order to force a sync… Kinda weird…


But to answer your question… Typically you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall… In all of my bugs, support, early access, etc. Never once has anyone from Appsheet recommended that I reinstall… (Although I’ll admit sometimes when things feel glitchy and buggy I’ll uninstall as a last ditch effort… It never works… :joy:)