App Editor: Column Template

Hi! It would save me a lot of time if we could have a column template section in the editor. This way, I could add a column template and lets say I name it “New Store Visit or Edit?”. Then, I could customize the column type, and all of the expressions. This column would not yet be assigned to a table, it is just a template. Then, when I import the table, I can go inside of a column, scroll to the bottom, and there would be an option to “Use Column Template” . Then, I would select the column template I want, and it would fill in the formulas, and all of the little detailed settings I have. This is just an idea, but I do not expect it. It would be cool, and it would save me a lot of time. Thanks!

Edit: (More Explanation)
I have a lot of tables that have the last 7ish columns the exact same every time, but the first 9 are usually different, so Data Partitioning would not work, but if column templates existed, I could just, instead of copying and pasting formulas, just click “Use Column Template” for the last 7 columns, and it would cut my time by like 5 minutes per table. Thanks again!

I know @praveen has always talked about creating a more modular app editor.


Don’t quite know what a “more modular app editor” means, but sounds good! @Grant_Stead @praveen

Hi Nicholas,

I might have a few ideas on what you can do. Could you schedule some time with me here so I can better understand the overall picture?

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