App for electric scooter/ power bank rentals

Hello everyone

I am wondering if anyone could give tips on how to make an app for electric scooter/ powerbank rentals?
Any sample app which is compatible with this?
I am trying to make one on my own but just a begginer without much experience working on a show string budget.
All suggestions will be appreciated

To start you would ideally need 3 tables, one for stock (scooters/powerbanks), one for customers and one for rentals. These would use reference columns to gather data from each other, I doubt there is a sample app that would suit your needs exactly but it shouldn’t be too hard to make one from scratch.

Thanks for the reply. Is there any formula which l could make USE of?
The idea is to make an app, with Maps, so that customers can find a location where there is scooter/power banks. Scan a QR code to unlock, Get charged for starting to USE the scooter say $1 and then $0.50 every minute.
Thus, the scooters will be equiped with IoT devices too and can be tracked…

You will likely need many formulas to make this work, with regards to tracking the scooters and unlocking that is too complicated for myself if possible at all using this platform, however using QR codes to book in and out will be pretty straight forward. As far as I am aware appsheet can only track using a GPS location when and update is made to a table (booking in/out). You could get the duration of each user in hours and charge them accordingly providing they sign in/out using QR codes though.

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It’s possible but it needs a lot of tricks, workarounds for the points that would be hard to maintain with AppSheet and an intensive work with a couple of integrations.

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