App for users and for Manager

Hello Guys,
So I got a small inventory with 3 Maintenance workers.
Is there option to build app for the maintenance so They (Everyone has a unique ID) can only scan a product, And it automatic take the amount down at the specific product,
And also to build another app based on the same inventory
For the manager to view/edit the inventory?
Thank you :slight_smile:

If I understand that right, it should be easy to do.

The first app would need two tables

  1. Table that has the items with inventory details
  2. another that records the scans of your maintenance folks. I’d create virtual columns that reference the stock of the original column, so they can see the inventory. Upon the scan, you could create a workflow that deducts from table 1, maybe even put an error if that scan brings it below 1.

The second app you’d just need to reference Table 1 and make it editable for the manager.

That’s my two cents, someone might have a cleaner way to do it, but that’s how I’d tackle the problem

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