App Formula / Automation Bug

Im just setting up a scheduled bot to write data into some columns on a sheet. Obviously when this runs all App formulas & Initial Value + Reset on Edit columns update. Its acting weird so I think it might be a bug…

I have a column with this as it’s formula


It’s worked for months in the App without issue and stills works when [_ThisRow].[QLLongText] is changed. Yet when the scheduled Bot runs this is reset to a blank cell. I checked and double checked the data and there is no issue. I even went into that record in the App to edit it manually to so if it goes blank - it doesn’t :confused:

Changed it over to an Initial Value + Reset on Edit and it works fine. In that it now isn’t blanked when the scheduled Bot runs.

Hmmm, odd.

Is this a bug in the new Automation section?

Could you send an email to and enable support access to your app so we could investigate the issue ?


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I think this bug is related to mine: Automation Actions fail on Required columns relying on an Initial Value to fill them

The Automations don’t seem to be sourcing the Initial Value formula to source the data for the column. You can probably work around this like I did by just replicating the same formula in the Action that you have in the Initial Value field as part of the automation to fill out the fields that are turning up blank.