App Formula miscalculated when updated by API Calls

I use an expression to set the value of a column using the values of other cells in the same row.

It works fine when I use Appsheet UI. But when I update using an API call, the value is miscalculated. It is not blank but, a wrong value is set. (To be more precise, in my opinion, the “if” statement’s result is wrong )

I use the Appsheet app to check the new row added by the API call, the wrong value is seen. Then I open to edit the row without ever changing anything, the value is recalculated but this time value changes, and the right value is set.

The problem is that the expression’s result differs when an entry is created by an API call or an Appsheet form.

Can anyone help with this problem?

What is the expression?

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Hi, Original expression was this
I simplified it to

[User Input Price]/((100+[VAT Rate])/100)

it did not work either…

I forgot to say that, I use Google Sheets as database…

Maybe this?

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Great !!
Thank you… It worked :slight_smile:

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