App Formula not Updating values on Google sheets


Hello, I have an AppFormula that is not updating its value in google sheets
the formula result is correct when I test the formula but the value is not entered in Sheets, this happens when I update a record
Note that I have the UPDATE BEHAVIOR “Reset on edit?” ON

Is supposed to have this value

But it does not update

This was working fine, I just started having this problem today
Anyone else have this problem?

Best regards

App formulas for normal (not virtual) column will only ever be recomputed and saved to the spreadsheet when its row is edited in or modified by an action.

Ok thank you very much for the fast answer, :sweat_smile: I realized what I have to do now, but wouldn’t it be nice if the formula was updated with any update ?, not only with an “Action”
If the “Reset on edit?” Is ON

Or is this something that implies other things that I am not aware of?
sorry im new in Appsheet…

A virtual column app formula will be recomputed as the app is used, but virtual column values are not stored in the spreadsheet.