App freezing up

Anybody experiencing the App freezing and needing to close it and then reopen?
Some of my users are reporting this.

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I experienced this also in the App Editor.

Many thanks for letting me know.

Have you reported it to Support. If not let them know with as much detail as possible:
About that situation? OS version? Device’s type?
I will be trying to find the information from my user as well.


As @jwr mentioned, would you please check these specs from your side, thanks.
#1 - Account’s ID number
#2 - App name
#3 - Device’s OS version
#4 - The downloaded Appsheet’s app version number in user’s device (like 13.2)
#5 - Are other apps working with the same device as normally
#6 - Have you tried the app with another device like desktop browser
#7 - What was happening step by step

As requested, sorry for delay.

Account ID: 54246

IPAF - Audits on One Drive version 1.000211.

Sony VAIO – SVE151J13M

Windows 8.1

Chrome Version Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Only one user experiencing that at the moment.

He only has the one App on his device

It is intermittent

Device version:



I am also having this problem with my Management V2 app.

Account: 841974
Management V2
Mac 10.14.6
Web version
Other apps seem to be working fine
The app will freeze even with a basic task and need reloaded. At times there is dataloss if the task involved a multi-step action

Hi James, for some reason I have missed your reply, sorry about that. Are you still seeing the same behavior?