App Gallery changes

The following gif shows some changes that have been made to what used to be the App Gallery:

I’ve added some numbers to the video to make it easier to point out what I noticed:

  1. The spot that used to be “App Gallery” is now “AppSheet”
  2. “Recent” shows the apps one has used (or is it “edited”?) most recently. This is very nice to have. :slight_smile:
  3. When I navigate back to the new location of the “App Gallery,” I’m shown the “Recent contents” contents
  4. From the “App Gallery,” I have to tap twice to get back to the side menu.
  5. “Created by me” has apps in old-to-new order. When I navigate back to “App Gallery,” I’m now shown the “Created by me” contents.

So, it seems that “App Gallery” doesn’t have independent content. Is that right? Also, I searched for “Gallery” but didn’t find any discussion of this. Did I miss it? Was it in “Feature Release Notes”? Are all of these changes finished or should we wait for more?


P.S. When I looked at my app on a students phone today (students copy my prototype app and use it for free), there was NOTHING in the “App Gallery.” We had to navigate to “Created by me.” However, copied apps are also in “Created by me.” Wouldn’t “My apps” be better – just like the editing interface?

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I see now that there’s some fairly new documentation:

However, the screenshot in the documentation is the same as what my app is displaying (the “App Gallery” is missing from the documentation screenshot). This must be a bug.